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Warning ! This wiki contains untagged spoilers for the light novel series.
This wiki is dedicated to the light novel series The King's Proposal (王様のプロポーズ 極彩の魔女 Ousama no Propose?) or simply King Propose, written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako.

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Kuozaki Saika. The witch who continued to save the world facing apocalyptic events once in 300 hours, and the head of an academy that magicians attend.

"--- To you, I entrust this world---"

And -- the first love girl, who passed on her body and power to Kuga Mushiki and died. In order to not get exposed by anybody as Saika, Mushiki was instructed by Saika's servant Karasuma Kuroe to attend the academy, but... Feared by classmates and even teachers, he was receiving a turbulent lifestyle where he received advice on how liking the older brother comes from a reunited younger sister.

"Be quiet. Your arm will go out of control. -- Rather, your mouth will, should I say"

Furthermore, if he's careless, in order to return to being a male, a kiss from a female is absolutely necessary!?

The duo of "DATE A LIVE" will spark this new generation strongest first love!


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